E-volution 660

Elegance, comfort and sportiness in perfect symbiosis.

Gliding 25 km/h silently on Lake Balaton or touring 150 km with 1 charging,
maybe driving a boat without a license? These options are
the basic features of the E-volution.

Born to be electric boat – enjoy its numberless advantages!

One and a half minute video of electric shipping

Tour freely!

The body form with extremely low rolling resistance ensures 50-150 km range, which could be extended by a quick charging during a short harbour stop.

Push the throttle forward and the boat begins to glide! You’ll reach the opposite shore in a few minutes; but you can pull a tube as well to make the kids happy.

Manoeuvre easily, ship safely!

The boat is easy to manoeuvre. As a benefit of the special skeg and the turnable submersible engine, parking in a busy harbour means no problem.

The long waterline and the special body form provides good directional stability for touring, you do not need to keep an eye constantly on the steering wheel. The boat keeps the direction without continuous correction. Due to the flat bottom form and the underwater centre of gravity even beginners feel stable and safe on-board.

Discover the comfort of the deck
specially designed to electric shipping.
Navigate by clicking on the numbers.

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Keep the anchor ready to use in the front of the boat, tie the rope of the anchor to the cleat under the anchor chamber door. So, the rope of the anchor is not a source of danger on the deck; still the anchor is ready to use in seconds even if you are unexperienced on-board.

The front deck offers comfortable place for 2 persons for sunbathing.

It is a common problem on motorboats that going to the front next to the cabin is difficult. Stickl boats offers a great solution: comfortable stairs, wide walking surface and handy, stainless handrail.

Equipped with portholes, shelves and storage compartments. It is possible to build in a chemical toilette.

It is possible to build in a sink below the stairs to ensure fresh water supply.

Every E-volution is delivered with a thermo-insulated cooling box installed in the bench. On request we can install it with low energy level cooling compressor.

The driving position is comfortable, it gives perfect viewpoint on the boat and the traffic around us. The captain can always see the remaining energy and touring time on the screen.

Friends of 6-8 can comfortably enjoy a picnic in the cockpit.

Make a double bed in the cockpit with only a few easy actions.

The boat has been designed as electro yacht from the beginning, therefore the electric system means the centre of the boat.

The batteries are placed under the cockpit floor. The side benches hide spacious storage room.

Flexible with three different positions. Favourite place of the ladies!

1.5 m2 space in the back of the boat very close to the water. Put your feet into cooling waves!

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Unique accessories tuned to electro yachting

Classic design gauges with state-of-art technology

GPS speedometer, clock, rudder indicator

Premium audio system

Premium quality, water resistant developed for boats audio system.

Foldable, UV resistant sunbathing cushion

Extra cushion for two persons on the front deck; easy to fix and easy to pack.

Exclusive deck coating

Teak look, classic design, non-slipping PVC. Easy to clean and maintenance free.

Teak cockpit table

Exclusive but practical table made of real teak wood.

Cockpit tarp

Very light but heavy duty material, German quality tarp specially developed to our electro yachts.

Complete cover tarp

Recommended for winter storage.

Camping tarp around the cockpit

Transform your cockpit into a weather-proof ’living room’.

Fresh water supply

Sink with tap under the stair, water tank in the bench and you will have fresh water supply on board. Tank capacity up to 52 l.

Stern shower

Small shower head installed in the backwall of the boat for a cooling shower on the bathing platform.

Built-in fridge

The insulated cooling box is part of the basic equipment. On request it can be supplied with a low energy using compressor. The door is being lifted with an exclusive stainless telescope.

Independent 12V system

If you use equipment with higher energy usage on board, it is recommended to build in a 12V system independent of the driving batteries. The 12V system comes with the same high quality and lifetime as the driving batteries

Chemical toilette

Our boats are designed to have enough space for building in a chemical toilette on request for the unexpected situations.

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Once a sprinter,
other times a long distance swimmer

82,5 km,
11 Std.

Choose engine

Choose battery

Choose speed

Technical data

Agile electro engines

The submersible engines with water cooling ensure long lifetime and give great performance which provide the adrenaline stroke the key of the experience.

The big torque, low rev, direct drive without transmission loss and the special, large-faced screws ensure the extreme efficiency and silent operation of the robust 2-15 kW engines.
Each engine setup is being optimized to each boat by computer.

Elegant onshore power connection

Premium quality, stainless socket, UV resistant charging cable with LED control and EURO 230V adapter provides safe charging options with different onshore power outlets. The charging process is automatic, no further care is required.

Intelligent on-board computer

The multifunctional dashboard screen provides exact information about the complete electric system. The screen shows the charging process, the engine characteristics and the remaining travel time.
When the battery capacity decreases to the pre-set reserve value, the screen warns the driver with text and sound alert. If the driver rejects these warnings, with time the system will automatically switch to reserve mode in order to warn and protect of a sudden discharge.

Safe start-control

The applied safety system lets the engine-start only after the onshore current is disconnected. After 2 minutes stop, the engine control shut down automatically in order to avoid any random throttle push.

For low speed manoeuvring the power of the stronger engines could be limited with the POWER switch.

Propulsion specific batteries

Specialities of the completely closed Zenith AGM deep-cycle batteries:
- high cranking power capacity – the boat reacts lively for sudden throttle
- at quick discharge significantly less loss – more remaining power for cruising
- 20-30% deeper discharge possibility – longer distance with one charge
- guaranteed long lifetime beside often deep discharge.

Boat body and kits

The dynamic driving experience oriented concept influenced the forming of the frame structure and the selection of applied materials.
Beside the traditional GFK, the composite sandwich structure helped both to reduce weight and to increase rigidity.
Harmony of functionality and aesthetic outlook at our kits:
- obscured, dynamic windshield and roof window
- 4 pcs port cleats and 1 pc hidden anchor cleat
- practical acid-proof handrail to help your way to the front deck
- elegant, mirror polished handrails around the boat
- non-skidding surface on the front deck and in the cockpit
- maintenance free, teak wood look material on the bathing platform
- 3 steps telescope ladder
- stainless handrail at the bathing ladder.

Elegant cockpit with unique ideas

- self-unloading cockpit with non-return valve
- 3 big storage boxes with locks
- 20 l insulated ’icebox’
- extra-large bathing platform with non-skidding surface
- rollbar with 3 positions (forward, backward, down)
- extra bed in the cockpit
- premium weatherproof carpet in the cockpit
- cushions with UV and mould resistant material
- mahogany steering wheel.

Programmed chargers

Zenith high frequency charger is responsible for the control of the maintenance free battery system. The charger is programmed to the expected using habits of the customer.

These special chargers tolerate well the humid climate and several years usage data can be read from their memory unit.
The status of the system could be controlled by the charging indicator LEDs on-board.

Premium cabin

- comfort mattresses with high quality ’Aquaclean’ textile coating
- cabin shelves made of tropical wood and varnished in 5 layers
- storage space in the bench
- LED lighting with hidden switch
- 12V cigarette lighter socket
- openable portholes with mosquito net.

Active and passive safety elements

- the steep and sharp stem combined with the long waterline results very good wave stability
- the flat, stable shape designed for electro yachting immediately helps you to feel comfortable and safe on-board from the first step
- the batteries installed below the waterline escalate stability like a keel
- the cockpit with its 1.25m high sides gives protection of incoming waves even in stormy weather conditions
- 4 air boxes ensure to keep up the boat even in case of spring accident
- the loose 360° lighting mast is part of the basic package
- the LED navigation lights on both sides – beside their functionality – increase the premium feeling.

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