Electro boat experience with refined technology.

Carefree experience
10 hours
of touring
Top speed up to 25 km/h
Also without
a driving license

Designed as electric yacht with real benefits.

Traditional boats with electric engine

Touring distance: 3 h, 23 km*
max. 12,5 km/h**
Waggling feeling
2 m wave resistance
Difficult to manoeuvre
Cockpit for 2-4 persons
From €25,000

Electric motorboats

Touring distance: 8 h, 60 km*
max. 25 km/h**
Stable way
0.3 m wave resistance
Keeps direction well
Cockpit for 2-4 persons
From €36,000

Stickl electro yachts

Touring distance: 8 h, 60 km*
max. 25 km/h**
Extreme stability
2 m wave resistance
Very good directional stability
Cockpit for 6-7 persons
From €27,500

Discover our electric boats.

E-volution 660
E-motion 600

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